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Guitar Lesson for All Skill Levels.

GUITAR🎸(Acoustic & Electric) lessons offer a full range of kids friendly & lessons for all ages and abilities. I will help you to learn Guitar in a style that caters to your musical interest and unleashes your creativity. Whether you are a novice or expert. Guitar lessons for beginners focus on finger placement, knowledge of Fretboard, Strumming pattern & understanding to groove chord placement.

Students will also learn how to tune Guitar as well as care for their instrument. Guitar lessons are sure to excite your child. For the advanced students & intermediate. I offer lesson's that teach scale sequencing, Chord progressions, Finger picking, Ear training & reading sheet music, Major & Minor scale,sweep picking etc...

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Course Duration & Fees

1300 / Month

3 days a week.

3 Month Course ₹3,900 ₹3,500
6 Month Course ₹7,800 ₹6,800
1800 / Month

5 days a week.

3 Month Course ₹5,400 ₹4,900
6 Month Course ₹10,800 ₹9,500

Basic to Advanced Course.

The 30-Days Guitarist Programme
Want to become a Guitarist in 30-days?
Sounds unrealistic? Let me tell you a secret: It’s for real!

With this crash course, you can learn the whole nine yards and become a seasoned guitarist in a period of mere 30-days. The best part is, you will start to realize the results from the very first day itself.

Still, don’t believe me?

Ever heard about Amin Toufani? It’s the same guy, whose video you’ll find at the top when Googling for “World’s Best Guitar Player”. What’s more interesting is, he had only 7 hours of training. He trained himself for just 7 hours while preparing for a performance in college and the video that he created received more than 100 million views, making him a sensation in no time. Furthermore, a plethora of guitar teaching websites regarded in him with the lifetime recognition of the world’s best guitarist. Whatever he is today, is because of those 7 hours of learning.

He’s no superhuman but just a normal being like us. And if he can do it, why can’t you?

Fingers placement.

Fretboard knowledge.

How to tune guitar.

Chromatic exercise.

Major & Minor scales.

play popular tunes on guitar.

Scale sequencing.

Chords progression.

Finger picking.

Melodic Arpeggios tricks and techniques.

Strumming patterns.

Play & sing along popular songs.

Our 5-step program: the fastest way to learn guitar in 6 months. How to strum guitar chords & keep rhythm, quick & easy ways to learn your favourite songs.The 4-step practice system for rapid progress.

Magical Secret to Effortless Barre Chords.

Lightining fast strumming .

Stay updated with lessons of the latest songs.

Play and Sing Along Popular & latest Songs.

Play Popular Tunes on Guitar.Identify Your Key-Scale For Singing

Ear training and reading sheet music.

Our Services

All types of guitar accessories and Guitar repairing are available here...
I teach Guitar and ukulele for all age groups..Home Tuition Also Available....

Mukta Karmaarkar

This is a very good guitar class. Before I joined, I was only able to play songs hardly on a mediocre level but now after joining I can play guitar much better and this is also better than any of my previous guitar classes.


Tushar sir is a terrific guy and a great teacher. I'd played a long time, taken many classes, but a lot of the guitar classes was still very unknown to me. He has ways to help you with that, and ways to help you learn to play in all styles - because he himself is talented, focused and able to play in all styles. A very nice guy, good sense of humor. I specially recommend to join (Dazler guitar classes).

Gaurang Shendre

Dazler Guitar Classes surely is the coolest music class around. After hearing about Dazler Guitar Classes reputation in Nagpur, I decided to inquire and found everything to be as good better with my expectations. One walk into their academy and you quickly realize it isn’t a normal institute. They have state of the art facilities in the class and Guitar that’s available to all of their students.

Tripti Malik

Dazler guitar class is the best class in nagpur. Tushar sir is the best teacher. He is very good guitar player. Sir very lovingly teaches guitar so it is more fun to learn.

Pratyush Chakraborty

One thing that I can surely tell after joining Dazler guitar classes is, you won't regret joining this guitar class because it is if not one of the best guitar classes at an affordable price, 5 days a week which is difficult to find. Tushar sir is the kind of sir who will dedicate his time with the passion to sit with you and teach you how to play guitar. So I will recommend you to join Dazler guitar classes if you want a great guitar learning journey .